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About PeaceVision

PeaceVision creates original video content which promotes those individuals and organizations who are bringing about positive change for our planet and for humanity. We do so by presenting the ideas, stories, artistic works, documentaries, films and messages of the inspiring organizations we partner with.

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About John Biffar

Director, producer and Dreamtime CEO, John Biffar, began his career as a film student at the University of South Florida. Since the early 1980’s, John and his team have produced original network television programming for HBO, PBS, The History Channel, Travel Channel and other major cable and broadcast outlets.

John has a passion for telling true life stories about people who are making a difference in the world. From “Children of the Fourth World” about an American woman striving to help the children who call the Guatemala City “dump” home, to “Assignment Earth” that profiles individuals from around the world who are striving to save the planet. John’s history of using media for positive change is well documented. Today he is especially proud to launch “PeaceVision“. A portal where stories of inspiration can be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

John Biffar
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DreamTime crew standing in front of a pyramid
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About Dreamtime Entertainment

Dreamtime Entertainment has been awarded nine Emmy’s for their work in a wide range of documentaries, feature films, commercials and other nationally broadcast television specials.

“Captiva Island” was the company’s first feature film.  It enjoyed a theatrical release and aired on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Encore and Starz networks. Today the company continues to focus on telling stories that inspire and create positive change.