Peace from Art & Music

Sharing Peace through Art & Music are wonderful ways to connect with your inner peace and others.  The PeaceVision Playlist & Peaceful Work Art Gallery are here for you to enjoy and share. Musicians and Artists from around the world are welcome to add their own positive and peaceful sounds and art shows.

Norma Miller - The Queen of Swing

Norma, known the world over as the Queen of Swing. was a dancer, author, choreographer, singer, comedian and actor whose career spanned eight decades.

 Over the years, Norma worked with Jazz Era greats Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Norma dedicated her life to keeping Jazz Music and Swing Dancing alive in America and around the world. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp in New Orleans was a favorite charity or hers. 

Through the selection of videos above, we offer you a glimpse into the extraordinary life of Norma Miller. So, come along for the ride as we remember Norma and most of all “Keep on Swinging”.

Kat Epple

Spotlight on Kat Epple

Kat Epple is an Emmy, Peabody, and Edward R. Murrow award-winning composer.  She has released 36 music albums internationally.  Kat has composed music for television and film scores for National Geographic, PBS Nova, CNN, Carl Sagan, The Travel Channel, History Channel, HGN, MTV, The Guiding Light, NASA, and Apple Computers, among others.  Kat is one of the original members of the classic space music synthesizer band, Emerald Web, as well as a member of Sonic Combine.  Kat is a long-time collaborator with John Biffar and Dreamtime Entertainment.  Kat is one of the founding members of what has become