About John Biffar

Director and producer John Biffar is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of PeaceVision.  For over 30 years John and the Dreamtime Entertainment team have produced original network television programming for HBO, PBS, The History Channel, Travel Channel and other major cable and broadcast outlets.

John has a passion for telling true life stories about people who are making a difference in the world. From “Children of the Fourth World” about an American woman striving to help the children who call the Guatemala City “dump” home, to “Assignment Earth” that profiles individuals from around the world who are striving to save the planet.  John’s history of using media for positive change is well documented. 

“PeaceVision™ is the manifestation of a life-long dream of being able to use the medium of film and video at its highest level; as a resource that gives us all the tools to live our very best lives possible.  I will be forever grateful for the team that made it all happen and to everyone who contributes and becomes a member of our tribe.”

John Biffar  

John Biffar
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