Musical Inspiration

The music on this PeaceVision music list was chosen because of its positive, mellow, yet energetic feel. The instrumental music is perfect for creating an inspiring, peaceful ambience to accompany massage, the creation of art, healing, writing, yoga, or relaxation. Many of the PeaceVision PeaceGrams feature music from these albums.

Azure Pieces of Life

Nature-Inspired music, featuring rippling piano chords with flute melodies that glide and flutter, creating a feel of natural spaces and birds in celebratory flight. Kat Epple, flutes, Chuck Grinnell, keyboard.

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Tranquility Hideaway

Music for Massage, Meditation, Insomnia, Relaxation, and Balance

One hour of continuous musical serenity, created by Kat Epple, on the soft, low timbre of the bass flute, accompanied by a subtle heartbeat-like drum. The music on Tranquility Hideaway was specifically created to inspire peace, connection, calmness, sleep, healing, opening, and alignment.  The natural, transparent sound encourages the brain to center, slow down, and de-stress.  Because there are “no audio surprises” in the music, it can be listened to as an effective lullaby, to prepare the mind, body, and spirit for sleep, or as an ambience for introspection, meditation, and reverence.

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Elemental Circuitry

Kat Epple, World Flutist, and Nathan Dyke, World Percussionist, take the listener on a musical journey across borders and world cultures, with their treasure trove of unique instruments from around the globe, including Australian Didgeridoo, Djembe drum, World Flutes, Ngoni African harp, Bawu, Native American Flutes, other indigenous instruments, and keyboards.  

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Kat Epple

About our featured musician, Kat Epple

Emmy, Peabody, and Edward R Murrow award-winning composer Kat Epple, has released 36 music albums internationally, composes music for film scores, and performs in concerts around the world. Kat is one of the original members of the classic space music synthesizer band, Emerald Web and is a founding member of Kat travels the world collecting flutes from other cultures which she features in her original compositions and performances.