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Sharing Peace through Art & Music are wonderful ways to connect with your inner peace and others.  The PeaceVision Playlist & Peaceful Work Art Gallery are here for you to enjoy and share. Musicians and Artists from around the world are welcome to add their own positive and peaceful sounds and art shows.

The Queen of Swing: A Tribute to Norma Miller

Today, on the first anniversary of her graduation from the planet, we honor Norma Miller, known the world over as the Queen of Swing. Norma was a dancer, author, choreographer, singer, comedian and actor whose career spanned eight decades.

Norma was discovered at age twelve by the Savoy Ballroom’s legendary dancer, Twist Mouth George. Over the years, she worked with Jazz Era greats including Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Norma was one of America’s first black comedians and was friends with Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and many more. During the Vietnam War, she entertained at almost every US military base. She dedicated her life to keeping Jazz music and Swing Dancing alive in America and around the world. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp in New Orleans was a favorite charity or hers. For the last four years of her life, Norma performed in Italy & Europe with The Billy Brothers Swing Band and was active in the Italian Swing Dance Society (yes, up to the age of 99).

Our founder, John Biffar, met Norma in Las Vegas in 1985 and there began a friendship that would last the rest of her life. Norma was cast in a role in John’s feature film, Captiva, and afterwards truly became a member of the Biffar family. John wrote and produced the documentary film “Queen of Swing”, that originally aired on PBS, and Norma wrote the book “Me & John Biffar: A Love Story”.

John has joined forces with legendary dancer, actor, and director Debbie Allen and the two are in pre-production on a feature film about Norma’s life. Stay tuned to PeaceVision™ for further details!

Norma will forever be a part of the PeaceVision™ family. Through the selection of videos below, we offer you a glimpse into the extraordinary life of Norma Miller. So, come along for the ride as we remember Norma and most of all “Keep on Swinging”.